By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Thu 14 May 2015 | tags: blog, excel, datavis, -- (permalink)

I saw some chatter about a post on spam and new gTLDs on Kasperky’s SecureList and initally got excited that there might be actual data to look at since our work-team started looking at this very topic last year but got distracted by the 2015 DBIR work (we’re ...

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Mon 15 December 2014 | tags: blog, vis, excel, pie, bar, bar chart, chart, dashboard, -- (permalink)

As I was cruising through the RSS feeds this morning, I came across this post by Daniel Kennedy on the 451 Research blog that included this chart:

Now, 451 is my personal favorite industry research firm both as a data dude and as a former F100 executive. They’ve got ...

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Wed 08 January 2014 | tags: rstats, Excel, Spreadsheets, -- (permalink)

One of the myriad of reasons we created the Data Driven Security blog was to provide pointers to data analysis and visualization resources for security domain experts who may have not been exposed to these types of tools.

I’d venture a posit that most folks jump into some type ...