Roll Your Own IP Attack Graphs with IPew

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Thu 30 October 2014 | tags: datavis, d3, security, -- (permalink)

Are you:

  • A security vendor feeling inadequate because you don’t have your own “live attack graph”?
  • A SOC manager who needs to distract/impress visitors and/or executives with an “ooh, shiny!” display?
  • A researcher who wants to draw attention to your project but just don’t have the time to dedicate to inane animated visualizations?

If so, then IPew is for you!

What is IPew?

IPew is an open source “live attack map” simulation built with D3 (Datamaps) that puts global cyberwar just a URL or git clone away for anyone wanting to display these good-for-only-eye-candy maps on your site.

What makes IPew Different from The Others?

  • SOUND EFFECTS!! Why settle for the silent treatment when you can have your choice of sound effects ranging from Star Wars blasters (the default) to Galaga guns and more (Wargames, Babylon 5, ST:TNG, a disturbing human “pew” and even the choice to cycle through all of them)!

  • PROPER PROJECTIONS!! Does Greenland make the other maps look big? We thought so, too. IPew uses the Winkel-Tripel projection which we feel provides the proper balance of geometries, positions & size, which will set your map apart from all the other cartographic posers.

  • FULLY (mostly) RESPONSIVE! From iPhones to 60” displays, IPew accomodates all screen sizes. Setup multiple ones in your SOC for maximum impressiveness.

  • SELF-EFFACEMENT!! While we use actual, generated probabilities for the source country attack frequencies we took some liberties with the attack types. Plus, we let you go crazy with configurations by including options to:

Full configuration options are over at github and feel free to clone/fork, modify and use this to your cyber-heart’s content. It’s been released under a CC BY-SA license, so be sure to share your creation with the world!

Brought to you by hrbrmstr & alexcpsec.

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