Mike Sconzo’s Ten Commandments of Python Data Science

By Mike Sconzo (@sooshie)
Tue 08 March 2016 | tags: blog, -- (permalink)

Straight from the Book of PEP

  1. thou shalt have no other languages before me
  2. thou shalt not compare me to R
  3. thou shalt not take the name of python or scikit-learn in vain
  4. keep holy the juypter notebook
  5. honour thy pip and thy modules
  6. thou shalt not ^C any running program, but shall exit cleanly
  7. thou shalt not “experiment” with R
  8. thou shalt utilize the whole CPU for thine is a single thread
  9. thou shalt not defame lesser languages (e.g. all of them)
  10. thou shalt not attempt to reproduce in python what others do in R
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