Book Bug -

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Mon 25 August 2014 | tags: book, bug, -- (permalink)

Russ McRee (@holisticinfosec) was kind enough to tell us about a bug in the book’s code if you decide to play with a more current version of AlienVault’s file with the bad IPs data file provided with the book. The function makes an errant assumption about how many evil categories will be displayed in the bar charts. #argh

Line 612 in ch04.R (the code from the downloads on the book’s web site) should be changed to:

col.df <- data.frame(Type=names(ftab), Color=myColors[1:length(names(ftab))])

if you’re playing along at home and tinkering, as Russ was.

We (like almost everyone) dislike bugs, but we truly appreciate and encourage bug reports (so keep’m coming if you find them).

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