Wishing You A Data-Driven 2015!

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Tue 30 December 2014 | tags: blog, -- (permalink)

First we’d like to give a huge thank you to all our blog & book readers (and guest contributors) + podcast guests & listeners. You all made 2015 a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious year for Jay & I with your tweets, reviews, ideas, commentary, contributuons and in-person connections.

In twelve months, we managed to crank out 77 blog posts, record 14 podcasts and garner a few thousand book readers. Along the way, we’ve challenged some cherished beliefs, poked fun at some iconic industry idioms, met some spiffy security data scientists and even managed to get into the Top 5 Infosec Books of 2014.

What’s in store for 2015? More guests (both blog and podcast)! More posts! And (hopefully) more opportunities to meet people in-person.

Here’s wishing everyone a safe & data-driven new year!

And, since you can’t have a proper New Year celebration w/o fireworks…

Full-screen version of the HTML Canvas + JavaScript fireworks over at http://datadrivensecurity.info/fireworks.

(Click in the fireworks display to launch a massive volley!)

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