Data Driven Security: The Podcast

A podast on the journey to discovery and decision making through data in information security by Bob Rudis and Jay Jacobs. In this bi-weekly show, Jay & Bob cover all levels and aspects of data analysis & visualization, plus speak with pioneers in the field of security data science and seasoned veterans in information security.

The show is a companion resource to Data Driven Security: The Book & Data Driven Security: The Blog

Data Driven Security - Episode 26

A podcast on the journey from data to discovery in security with Bob Rudis & Jay Jacobs. Episode 26: Data Science at Rapid7

Episode 26

In this episode, Bob sits down with co-workers on the data science team at Rapid 7. They explore the future of security data science, Heisenberg and Project Sonar.

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Sneak Peek at Rapid7
Sonar Data