Some Interesting Security Research To Start Off Your New Year

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Wed 21 January 2015 | tags: blog, papers, research, -- (permalink)

This morning, both David Severski & Gabe the Engineer shot me links to the MC2 Workshop on Data-Driven Approaches to Security and Privacy that was held at the University of Maryland recently (Jan 8-9).

I couldn’t find any proceedings or presentations from that conference, but I did take a stroll through the Google Scholar profiles of the participants (focusing mostly on 2014 publications). Here are some papers and research efforts that I thought would be of most interest to the broader DDSec community:

If you find some other interesting ones from the list of participants (or other ones in general), defintely drop a note in the comments with a link. We’re not trying to duplicate Jason Trost‘s excellent resource of papers at, so make sure to check that first before suggesting new ones.

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