Data-Driven Security Now in iBooks Bookstore! Plus, Publishing Machinations, Dead Trees and DDS Bug Bounty

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Fri 07 February 2014 | tags: book, -- (permalink)

It seems I missed spamming that Data-Driven Security (the book) is also up on Apple’s iBooks Store. Consider yourself spammed! As an aside, it’s been really difficult figuring out a happy medium from supporting the publisher/promoting the book to actual, horrible spamming, so call me (@hrbrmstr) out if it ever goes too far #pls.

The whole automation/back-end side of the book publishing biz has been fascinating to observe. From the fairly obvious batch-upload processes that our publisher has at Amazon to the lack of dual-author fields at other e-book retailers, to the DRM-laden formats at one site, to the open e-book/PDF formats at others, and the metadata-connecting-assumptions at others, it seems that the publishing community is taking a “shotgun vs sniper-rifle” approach to groking the current publishing landscape and reaching the largest audience.

Despite having an extensive e-book library, I still <3 dead tree books for reference and neither Jay nor I have (yet) had the tactile satisfaction of holding the paper-version our modest tome, and it looks like it may not make it into physical bookstores (if Jay’s experience at a brick-and-mortar B&N is any gauge). So, we may be getting our first physical look with the print pre-order folks.

And, finally, since I’ve already caught a typo or two, don’t forget to submit any errata to We’ll see if we can’t come up with a decent “DDS Bug Bounty” prize or two.

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