Boxplots for Everyone

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Sat 01 February 2014 | tags: shiny, -- (permalink)

Nature (VOL.11 NO.2 | FEBRUARY 2014) had a really useful letter to the editor PDF readcube titled “BoxPlotR: a web tool for generation of box plots” that included this equally really useful overview graphic that shows a sample of 100 data points visualized five different ways.

Jay used box plots one of his recent posts, but sometimes it’s nice being able to just paste data into a tools and have it do the work without jumping into code.

The authors of the paper made a cool shiny app which lets you do just that. You paste in your values and it lets you explore the data using box plots, violing plots and bean plots with plenty of options to keep you busy/entertained for a while.

Each visualization can be downloaded as an EPS, PDF, SVG or PNG graphic for use in your reports/presentations and the Shiny app source is available from the authors.

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