10 Twitter Resources To Follow For [Security] Data Scientists

By Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr)
Sat 01 February 2014 | tags: twitter, data science, -- (permalink)

If your day happens to be too tumultuous for a textbook and too busy for a long-form blog post, consider tapping into these Twitter resources to see what’s happening in the world of [security] data science:

  • #rstats : While it may only take a few minutes to peruse the latest entries in this hashtag-enabled search for all-things “R”, you will end up favoriting/bookmarking many great resources. It’s an especially good way to see what new awesomeness @hadleywickham (and others) has contributed to one of our favorite tools/languages.
  • #ipython : Not to be left in the dust by the R folk, the IPython crowd also has a well-worn hashtag that will provide great pointers to tools, conferences, books and other resources to help you create #spiffy analyses and visualizations in Python.
  • @StatsBlogs : If you prefer tweets over RSS feeds, then follow @StatsBlogs to catch up on the latest posts to that site, whicn aggregates “data science” blog posts. I’ve not found a day where there hasn’t been a useful/informative nugget there.
  • @visualisingdata : Andy Kirk is one of the leading voices in modern visualization and posts excellent resources very regularly. Great place to get inspiration for how to tell a story with your data.
  • @eagereyes : Robert Kosara offers commentary and insight on performing data analysis and communicating through visualizations. He also offers a point of view from the Tableau world for those who have not been bitten by the R or Python bug.
  • @secviz : Twitter presence for the web site, offering a place to share, discuss, challenge, and learn about security visualization, big data, and security intelligence.
  • @analyticbridge : Nice collection of diverse data science-y news & information links.
  • @mbostock : If you want to do D3, you have to follow Bostock #itsthelaw
  • @hackingdata : Twitter feed from one of the modern “co-founders” of the term “data scientist”. Great resources you probably won’t find in the other feeds.
  • @kdnuggets : There are days when I can’t even keep up with the onslaught of links from Gregory Piatetsky.
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